‘I’ll be the first UK street rapper to conquer the US market’, Potter Payper claims

Many UK rappers have tried – and failed to break into the lucrative US market since the scene’s inception in the early 2000’s.

Rap duo SAS were one of the first to cross the border in order to plant the UK flag in the States – linking up with Harlem based collective The Diplomats along the way to cement their status.

But after Diplomats member Juelz Santana was allegedly robbed in London whilst on tour with SAS, that was the end of their union.

Potter’s adamant that he’ll be the first street rapper to break America

Chip was one of the next high-profile UK stars to try and break into the US market when he signed to Down South rap legend T.I’s label Grand Hustle in 2012.

However, not even a slew of features with some of America’s biggest names such as Meek Mill and Young Jeezy could help Chip get in the door and his relationship with Tip soon fizzled out.

Since then, UK politicians have had more success creating strong partnerships with their US counterparts than the rappers have.

But over the last few years, relations have improved between rappers from both countries and it seems like the yanks are finally warming up to their British peers.

The drill scene’s played a big part in bridging the gap, with US drill rappers such as the deceased Pop Smoke linking up with UK producer 808 Melo to produce hits like ‘Dior’ that took over the charts and clubs.

South London rap group D-Block Europe have also been playing their part, making songs with Quality Control artists Offset and Lil Baby – with Baby previously saying on a DJ Semtex’s show, “They just like me.”

However, although a few English stars have made some noise in the State, no-one’s managed to kick the door open wide open just yet.

But if Potter Payper has anything to do with it, the door’s going to get booted off the hinges before we know it.

That’s because the Ilford native reckons he’s going to be the first street rapper to conquer the US market with his real style of rap that he thinks will resonate with the public across the pond.

In Potter’s opinion – that raw, honest, British vibe that he provides hasn’t been shown in America by anyone in the UK so far.

So when they realise there are some authentic rappers in England like him, they’ll be blown away.

In a sit down with NME, Potter said, “I do feel I’m the guy that can break it.

“I always say it to my team, ‘trust me man there’s never been a real street guy that’s hard at rapping.

“Everyone [in the Uk] is either hard at rapping but your not really like that, in England that’s good, but in America, they ain’t going for that shxt. [Over there] hip-hop and streets culture’s at the forefront.

Potter also feels a major reason why he’d be accepted in the States is because their citizens appreciate someone who’s been to prison and has managed to turn their lives around, whereas in the UK, people are scared to stand next to you if you’ve got a chequered past.

The 30-year-old will have the chance to make his predictions come true soon when he releases his highly-anticipated debut album soon that he claims will be well worth the wait.

And if his last few mixtapes are anything to go by, he may just be right.

Shyne told Jay-Z to SHOOT him if his rap lyrics weren’t hardest the Roc Nation boss ever heard

Former rapper Shyne was so confident of his rapping ability that he told Jay-Z to SHOOT him if he wasn’t impressed with what he heard.

This was back in 1998 when Shyne – who’s now a government official in Belize after getting deported following an-ill fated gun battle in a club alongside Diddy and ex-girlfriend J-Lo- was still trying to get on in the rap game.

At the time, Shyne was desperate to get a foot into the industry and was running down on anyone with musical influence with a demo of his CD.

During this period, he bumped into Hov, who was 1/3 owner of Rocafella along with Dame Dash and Kareem ‘Bigs’ Burke.

Embed from Getty Images

And Shyne decided to approach Tiffany brand partner Jay in the most unusual way – by asking if he was armed.

Because if he was, Shyne wanted his fellow Brooklyn native to fire a shot into his foot if the demo he was about to give him wasn’t the hardest bars he’s ever listened to.

Shyne explained the incident on DrinkChamps saying: “I remember we was at the Metronome on 21st Street Broadway.

“And I ran down on Hov, and was like, ‘you got your ratchet (pistol) on you?, I’m telling you I’m the greatest you ever gon’ hear, and if I’m not you can shoot me in my foot’.”

Fortunately for Shyne, the Ace of Spades owner didn’t take things to that extreme, but he did take a copy of the former Bad Boy artists’ CD away with him to digest.

And if Hov did decide to take up Shyne on his offer, he would be walking a lot different today.

As when the two bumped into each other months later in Brooklyn, Jay gave Shyne back his demo and nonchalantly told him ‘it was alright’ in what must’ve been a huge blow to Shyne’s confidence.

However, Shyne was unphased by Hov’s lukewarm response and he kept trying to get a deal, defiantly telling Mr.Carter, ‘I’ll see you on top.’

Hov also noticed his resolve and Shyne claims he tried to sign him on three separate occasions after their initial rendevous.

But it wasn’t to be and Shyne ended up joining Diddy at Bad Boy with the help of deceased rap legend Chris Lighty.

And it seems like he made the right choice because before that fateful night out in the club with Diddy that resulted in him getting ten years in prison and getting deported back to Belize afterwards, Shyne’s debut album sold just under a million copies and hit No.5 on Billboard’s Top 100 chart.

Lil Baby invests in crypto start-up and no carbs bread with Tom Brady

Lil Baby’s one of the hottest rappers in the game at the moment.

But the Atlanta rapper’s been making some shrewd business moves away from rap to make sure he’ll still be raking it when he decides to retire.

While shopping at jewellery store Ice Box recently, Baby revealed that he’s made some serious investments that would make rap’s self-proclaimed ‘Cryptocurrency’s Scarface’ Nas proud.

Cryptocurrency and NFT’s are of the latest crazes to take the world by storm in recent times and Baby isn’t planning on getting left behind.

Embed from Getty Images

So the platinum-selling artist’s decided to invest in crypto company Moonpay – which allows users to trade the digital currency on their credit cards – just as they would with normal transactions.

And Baby seems to have made a good move as the company that was founded in 2018 is already said to be worth £2.5 Billion.

The Quality Control rapper also cashed out on a Bored Ape NFT – said to be worth a staggering £110,000.

But Baby’s not the only artist venturing into the Bored Ape space, rap icon Eminem just allegedly spent £334,000 on his own one.

The health business is another booming industry, and Baby also revealed that he’s put some cash into Hero Bread, a sandwich brand that claims its products have no carbs.

They’ve got off to a good start with American Football icon Tom Brady endorsing the company alongside Baby.

Last November, Brady announced via his social media that Hero Bread was launching in Subway, and Baby claims that soon all Nestle’s products like Hot Pockets and DiGiorno’s pizza will be made with Hero’s healthy no carb alternative.

The 27-year-old said: “They got a deal with DiGiorno already, so all Nestle products like Hot Pockets and everything is gonna be made with the Hero Bread.”

The name of the bread may have attracted Baby to make the investment as he goes by the alias ‘Hero’ – a title that was given to him by his peer and collaborator Lil Durk, whom he released a platinum-selling mixtape ‘Voice of the Heroes’ with last year.

Jack Harlow thinks Dave’s ‘lyrically better’ than US rappers – and teases collab with UK star

JACK HARLOW’S WORKED WITH SOME OF THE HOTTEST ARTISTS in the US ranging from rap stars Lil Wayne to Da Baby.

The 23-year-old American also shot to No.1 on the US charts with his feature on Lil Nas X’s smash hit ‘Industry Baby‘ recently.

However, Harlow’s next hit could be with UK rapper Dave, who he’s built a close bond with in recent times.

Harlow revealed that the pair initially linked up in Los Angeles, where he took Dave to the iconic Waffle House for the first time.

As their relationship blossomed, they linked up in London and then in Atlanta where they laid something down together in the studio.

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And fans may get the chance to hear their collaboration really soon if Harlow has anything to do with it.

When asked if a Dave feature is on the way by GQ last week, Harlow said: “Could be. The first time we met was in LA and then on the way back to London he flew to Atlanta and we went to the studio and worked on some stuff.

“It’s good. Dave and I had one session in the studio but it’s open-ended. We kept in touch. He’s my man. I was FaceTiming with him yesterday.” 

Although there are cultural differences between him and Dave, Harlow thinks their song will be received well because they’re both quite lyrical.

And that’s not something he can say about the artists in the US, Harlow added: “I like his [Dave’s] stuff as it’s really wordy, a lot like mine. Not many rappers are like that back home.”

If Harlow decides to release his and Dave’s work, it will be the second time that the South London spitters worked with someone from across the Atlantic.

Back in 2016, Canadian star Drake jumped on the remix of Dave’s hit ‘Wanna Know’ which propelled him to super-stardom.

Since then, Dave’s gone to clinch two No.1 UK albums but he still credits Drake for helping to launch his and many other UK artists careers.

Young Thug claims no US president EVER apart from Barack Obama is bigger than him, Tyler Perry, Bill Gates and Elon Musk

YOUNG THUG’S ALREADY A GLOBAL MEGASTAR, but the rapper’s got plans to transcend music to become one of the most iconic people on the planet.

Thug’s already surpassed the US president in terms of popularity in his eyes, and only accomplished individuals like Bill Gates and Tyler Perry stand in his way of achieving his dream.

He declared to Complex: “I want to be bigger than Tyler Perry and Bill Gates.”

While it might seem erroneous to some, Thug’s got his reasons as to why he thinks he’s more impactful on the planet than the president.

Embed from Getty Images

The 30-year-old known for his eccentric style, doesn’t think Biden or any other US leader could sell out arenas like he does, or sell millions of albums like him.

The YSL boss even went as far as to suggest that only former black president Barack Obama could posssibly do the above, and that’s only because rappers like him made it that way.

Thug explained: “I am bigger than the president. You’ve got n****s like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, motherfucking Tyler Perry, motherfucking me, who are bigger than the president.

Embed from Getty Images

“Can’t no president sell out no arena. Can’t no president do nothing we are doing. Can’t no president sell no million albums. The only president who could do that is a Black one, and we made it that way for him, and he know it.”

Although Perry, who owns 220 acres of land that Tyler Perry Studios sit on, and Gates, who gifted the world with Microsoft, stand in Thug’s way, he plans to emulate the pair with his grandiose vision of Slime City.

Thug hopes to turn the 100 acres of land he received as a birthday gift from his A&R Geoff Ogunlesi into Slime City that will consist of houses, entertainment facilities and a private school for black children.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

And Slime City’s successful completion will be the thing that catapults him to the No.1 spot in the world, and he’ll be so huge that even the police and government work for him, similar to Frank Lucas in American Gangster but minus the illegitimate activities and snitching.

Thug added: ” I want to be bigger than any of these n****s, to the point where the police work for me.

“I want to be like an American gangster, but that worked with the government—that didn’t tell—and this is the only way you can possibly do that.

“I want to just be so big to the point where it’s like, the fucking cops have got to listen to me.”

Diddy produced Burna Boy’s album for FREE – the Nigerian artist reveals

PUFF DADDY AKA DIDDY is known for being one of the best hustlers in the entertainment world.

From building the epic Bad Boy records, along with his Sean John clothing line and investing in infamous liquor brand Ciroc, among several other endeavours, Diddy’s always been all about the benjamins.

But the millionaire, who’s also gained a reputation for allegedly not paying some of his artists, remarkably put his love of money to the side and didn’t charge African superstar Burna Boy a penny to produce his Twice As Tall album last year.

Speaking about how he and Diddy put the project together, the Afro-beats sensation told the Evening Standard: “Guess what? Diddy didn’t take no money from me!”

And his generosity didn’t stop there, Diddy even allowed Burna to keep the royalties he’s meant to get from the album so the Nigerian can use it for any other future projects.

Burna explained: “So he [Diddy] gets two points royalties, which he can give back to me so I can take care of some other shxt.”

The Grammy Award winner thinks Diddy done it for him out of love because they are like brothers who work so well together.

He added: “It’s always been the work chemistry between Diddy and me, he is an amazing human being with an impeccable ear for music, who I now call my brother.”

But the pair wasn’t always this close and prior to Twice As Tall, they had never met.

The project was even produced via Zoom due to Covid restrictions.

However, when the duo did finally link up, they had a ball and it was then when their bromance developed, and now their bond is ‘deeper than rap,’ in the words of Puffy, according to Burna.

He went on to say: “I’ll quote what Diddy said, ‘this shxt is deeper than rap, this is a true brotherhood, the two kings reunite!’.”

Sneaker King singlehandedly took on JD Sports and WON – leading to fruitful working relationship with sports giant

SNEAKER EXPERT KING OF TRAINERS RECENTLY TOLD the story of how he took on global brand JD Sports by himself and won.

Not only did he manage to survive their onslaught single-handedly, in a dramatic twist of fate, the Tottenham born entrepreneur, whose real name’s Franklin Boateng also ended up being business partners with the company.

It all started in 2011 when Frank started to use the title ‘King Of Trainers’ on Twitter to blog about footwear.

But things came to a head when JD, who used to use the slogan in the 1990’s and early 00’s, found out Frank was using their old phrase on social media.

At first, the billion-pound company’s attacks were subtle and they only came at him verbally, calling him an imposter and demanding that he stopped using the moniker.

However, when Frank refused to back down, JD then trademarked the title, and presented him with a cease and detist.

To make sure the business mogul knew they meant business, they also threatened to sue him.

But despite their threats, Frank remained un-phased and stood his ground, which he credits to the toughness he got from growing up in the gritty part of North London.

And to prepare for battle, Frank then loaded himself with the necessary trademark law ready to defend himself in court to remain the King Of Trainers, which he felt he was at the time and still does now.

Plus he had a long history with the name so he knew it wasn’t going to be simple for JD to shut him down in the court of law if he stood him ground.

His stance shocked JD, who Frank reckons thought he would fold due to the size and stature of their company.

He explained his theory on the Realer Than Most podcast saying: “I think they thought, ‘ah he’s just some boy from North London he’s gonna give back the names and go away’.”

But he done the complete opposite, the legal back and forth between them ensued for a few more years before JD eventually backed down, giving Frank an unlikely small victory over the mammoth sports company.

However, JD couldn’t resist one final dig and emblazoned a massive sign which read ‘The Undisputed King Of Trainers’ on the side of their store in Frank’s home-town that is still up ’til this day.

Although Frank didn’t care because he still got to use the name, which he then went on to use to build his own platform on social media profiling trainers that has amassed over a 100,000 followers.

His resistance and hard work paid off and a decade later, JD reached out to Frank during the Covid-19 pandemic last year to see if he wanted to work.

Frank gladly obliged and has gone on to do two campaigns with his one-time rivals along with many other sports brands.

‘Gucci Mane and Yo Gotti have put on more rappers than Drake’, Chicago rapper claims


But despite his star-power, Drake hasn’t used his platform to put no-one else on like Lil Wayne did with him, according to Chicago rapper Rooga.

The Canadian mega-star jumps on songs with those who have already built a buzz to remain hot, Rooga who’s also slain rapper FBG Duck’s cousin claims.

Which is the complete opposite of taking someone from nothing and turning them into something, like Gucci Mane did with Pooh Shiesty, or what Yo Gotti did with Moneybagg Yo.

Embed from Getty Images

Shiesty and Moneybagg were virtually unknown before getting their deals from the above-mentioned rappers, but since signing with them, both artists have developed into worldwide superstars.

And it isn’t just Shiesty and Moneybagg who have benefitted from signing to Gucci or Gotti.

Gucci’s gone on to start his 1017 label and has also signed many others such as Big Scarr, the same with Gotti who’s CMG label has an array of talent like Blac Youngsta, 42 Dugg and EST GEE, who are rappers from the street who now have global notoriety.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

And despite all of Drizzy’s achievements and plaques, that’s something that he can’t say he’s done with his fame, Rooga believes.

He told Vlad TV: “What Gucci Mane did, when he took Pooh Shiesty and actually made him big big.

“Or what Yo Gotti did, took Moneybagg Yo and showed it one camera, him giving him money in his hand, ‘like here.’ (does hand gesture), I’m signing him.

“He [Drake] don’t do that, and it’s like the nxggas who are doing that ain’t even got as much as him.”

AJ Tracey wants to build black owned rap label with Dave and Stormzy

THE UK RAP SCENE HAS BEEN THRIVING over the last decade and the likes of AJ Tracey, Dave and Stormzy are at the forefront of its rise.

Both Dave and Stormzy have had No.1 albums on the charts, and AJ’s last album wasn’t far behind, peaking at No.3.

But despite the trio’s success, a white owned label Warner Records, reaps most of the benefits of their hard work as that’s who they’re all signed to.

But AJ has a dream to change that one day, and start his own black owned record label to push black artists.

And although it will be a difficult task, he thinks it could be done with the help of his rap peers, such as Dave and Stormzy, Time Out reported.

Embed from Getty Images

AJ told them: “If all the Black artists got together and made a Black-owned label promoting Black artists.

“Maybe among my friends it could happen.”

Another motivation for AJ to launch a black label is to give those that look like him a chance to make it in life, because he knows how hard it is.

Even ’til this day, the West Londoner can’t believe the position he’s in.

Embed from Getty Images

AJ added: “For me to get to this position, it was not easy at all. I’m surprised I made it. I’m not even joking.”

And judging by the success AJ’s had in the charts with Dave and Stormzy, pulling off a record label should be light work.

His Thiago Silva collab with Dave reached number 36 on the UK charts and has over 40 million views on YouTube.

While his track with Big Mike and Headie One, Ain’t It different hit No.2 on the charts and reached 29 million YouTube views.

Tammy Abraham credits ‘South London link up’ for England connection with Jadon Sancho

JADON SANCHO AND TAMMY ABRAHAM caused havoc in England’s 5-0 win over Andorra this week.

Sancho set up two goals in the game, and one of his assists was to Abraham who latched onto the Man United star’s cross to hit the back of the net.

Sancho enjoyed providing Abraham with the opportunity to score the most because he knows how hard life was for them growing up in the streets of South London.

Embed from Getty Images

While the pair were watching the game back on England’s YouTube channel, Sancho said: “For him [Abraham] to get a goal is always a good feeling for me because of our backgrounds.

“You know, it was tough back in the day so to do it on the main stage is always a honour.”

And Abraham thinks their tough past is the reason why they bond so well on the pitch, he added: “We just have that South London link up.”

Roma baller Abraham grew up in Camberwell, while Sancho was raised in Kennington.

And Sancho previously explained to Rio Ferdinand that if it wasn’t for the older guys on his estate in the borough, he wouldn’t even be playing football today.