Young Thug claims no US president EVER apart from Barack Obama is bigger than him, Tyler Perry, Bill Gates and Elon Musk

YOUNG THUG’S ALREADY A GLOBAL MEGASTAR, but the rapper’s got plans to transcend music to become one of the most iconic people on the planet.

Thug’s already surpassed the US president in terms of popularity in his eyes, and only accomplished individuals like Bill Gates and Tyler Perry stand in his way of achieving his dream.

He declared to Complex: “I want to be bigger than Tyler Perry and Bill Gates.”

While it might seem erroneous to some, Thug’s got his reasons as to why he thinks he’s more impactful on the planet than the president.

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The 30-year-old known for his eccentric style, doesn’t think Biden or any other US leader could sell out arenas like he does, or sell millions of albums like him.

The YSL boss even went as far as to suggest that only former black president Barack Obama could posssibly do the above, and that’s only because rappers like him made it that way.

Thug explained: “I am bigger than the president. You’ve got n****s like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, motherfucking Tyler Perry, motherfucking me, who are bigger than the president.

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“Can’t no president sell out no arena. Can’t no president do nothing we are doing. Can’t no president sell no million albums. The only president who could do that is a Black one, and we made it that way for him, and he know it.”

Although Perry, who owns 220 acres of land that Tyler Perry Studios sit on, and Gates, who gifted the world with Microsoft, stand in Thug’s way, he plans to emulate the pair with his grandiose vision of Slime City.

Thug hopes to turn the 100 acres of land he received as a birthday gift from his A&R Geoff Ogunlesi into Slime City that will consist of houses, entertainment facilities and a private school for black children.

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And Slime City’s successful completion will be the thing that catapults him to the No.1 spot in the world, and he’ll be so huge that even the police and government work for him, similar to Frank Lucas in American Gangster but minus the illegitimate activities and snitching.

Thug added: ” I want to be bigger than any of these n****s, to the point where the police work for me.

“I want to be like an American gangster, but that worked with the government—that didn’t tell—and this is the only way you can possibly do that.

“I want to just be so big to the point where it’s like, the fucking cops have got to listen to me.”

A war between China and Taiwan would cause chaos in the western world

IF CHINA AND TAIWAN GO TO WAR it will affect our lives in the West in a major way.

It may seem like the escalating battle brewing in the Far East has nothing to do with us, but if they go at it, life as we know it could come crashing to a halt.

As a result of any bloodshed, some of the most important possessions we own, cars, laptops and mobile phones, could stop being produced until the problems between China and Taiwan are resolved.

And this is because Tawain is home to the world’s largest semiconductor chip company, TMSC, who produce a staggering 84% of advanced chips across the globe, according to The Economist.

Semiconductor chips are electrical chips that are responsible for powering our phones, cars, computers and most electrical stuff that we own.

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Even Twitter and TikTok can’t run without semiconductor chips, so even checking social media apps could possibly be a myth.

Although there are other companies around the world that could try and supply the demand for the chips, it won’t be the same quality that is provided by TMSC, whose chips are at least a decade more advanced than any of their closest rivals including American firm Intel.

This is why Apple rely on TMSC solely o help them produce the iPhone which is arguably the most popular phone owned in the Western world.

And to top it off, the semiconductor chip industry is already in a drought that could continue into 2022, CNBC reported, so Taiwanese company TMSC shutting down due to war is the last thing the world needs.

However, China doesn’t seem to be care about none of that and tensions between the countries have been rising in the last few weeks.

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China see Taiwan as a part of their country but Taiwan views itself as independent, which is the cause of their beef.

And recently the Chinese have been pressing Taiwan to accept that they’re a part of them, but the Taiwanese are standing strong.

The Taiwaneses’ rebellious stance has infuriated China’s president,  Xi Jinping who said: “No one should underestimate the Chinese people’s strong determination, will and capability to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

But Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen hit back and said her country is ready to do whatever they need to do to defend its independence.

With no side willing to back down, we might have to get prepared o spend time without our favourite electronic goods unless the British and American governments can diffuse the argument and get the two sides to reach a middle ground.

Diane Abbot says she gets a thrill from being first female black MP and pioneering way for others

LABOUR MP DIANNE ABBOT HAS done a lot during her 30 plus years in parliament.

She began her political career in 1987, where she became one of the first Black people to be recruited by Labour in 100 years, despite objections from her own party, the Conservatives and far-right group the National Front.

Throughout her career, an unphased Abbot who’s now 67, continued to go against the grain and her own party by voting against then boss Tony Blair’s decision to invade Iraq, raising tuition fees and renewing the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons system.

The Hackney and Stoke Newington representative was also only one of 18 MP’s to vote against the 2014 Immigration Act which was what enabled the Windrush scandal to take place.

But none of those achievements mean more to Abbot than representing her local community or opening the door for other black females to become MP’s as she was the first one to do so in a decade.

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In an interview with Vogue, she said: “Apart from the things I’ve been able to do for Hackney, the thing I’m proudest of is that I’ve lived to see a whole new generation of young Black women coming to Parliament. The first 10 years, I was there on my own.”

And setting the blueprint for other young black females to follow into politics is something Abbot still gets excited about up to this day.

She added: “Now, I’ll be going to chamber and there will be these Black women! I never cease to get a kind of thrill out of it.”

Naomi Campbell claims she refused No.10 invite after Windrush scandal to avoid being used as a Pawn

NAOMI CAMPBELL CLAIMS the British government tried to use her to smooth over relations with the black community after the Windrush scandal and she declined.

The Tory party, who were being led by Theresa May at the time, were under fire when it emerged that they had deported and detained hundreds of Caribbean’s who had came to England during the Windrush migration and were allowed to stay in the 1940’s.

But the Tories and May faced backlash for the decision and after heavy public pressure, they changed their stance and allowed Windrush migrants to remain in the UK.

Following all the bad press that ensued, the Tories allegedly invited Naomi to No.10 in an apparent publicity stunt, the supermodel claims.

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However, Naomi claims she turned down the government’s Downing Street because she didn’t want to be used as a pawn against her own people, who she would never turn her back on.

The 51-year-old revealed how her exchange with the Tories about the Windrush scandal, which also deeply affected her, went down on the BBC’s HARDtalk program.

She explained: “I actually was invited to No.10 for an event after the faux pas (embarrassing remark) was said and I refused.

“Because I felt like I was being used [and they thought] let’s get Naomi Campbell in here, it’ll make it okay if she comes.

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“I will never go against my people, never. And this was when Theresa May was Prime Minister, so I refused and said I’m not going to attend.”

But although Naomi weren’t on discussing Windrush with May in front of all the cameras and flashing lights, she did go and meet the ex-Prime Minister quietly behind closed doors once the dust had settled.

And the South London native said that her rendezvous with May before she left No.10 was productive as the former Tory leader was remorseful about her conduct during the Windrush scandal.

Puff Daddy tells Shyne he’s a better politician than Barack Obama as pair bond for first time on screen since club shooting 20 years ago

SHYNE PO has managed to convince his ex-Bad Boy boss Puff Daddy that he’s better at politics than former US president Barack Obama.

Shyne impressed his one-time co-defendant Puffy with his political technique as they discussed his transition from rapper to Belizean politician on Revolt TV.

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The platinum-selling artist was deported to Belize after doing a ten year bid for his role in a shooting alongside Puffy at a New York nightclub in 1999, and has now become leader of the country’s opposition United Democratic Party.

Puffy was curious to know how Shyne planned to topple the current Belize government, the People’s United Party, and what he would to do once in power.

But Shyne had come prepared and his answer didn’t disappoint Puffy.

The ex-gunman said: “I’m in politics to have a peaceful revolution, so I can when I look back and I’m 70-years-old I can say I transformed my country.

“And I made sure that everybody had a decent house to live in and had free education and give people a great quality of life.

“My dream is uplift my people, my dream is to liberate my people.”

The business mogul was so blown away by the Godfather Buried Alive rapper’s response, it led to him putting him above Obama, the only other politician he’s ever interviewed, in the politics game.

A shocked Puffy replied: “I only interviewed one other person that was in politics.

“And this is before he became president…Barack Obama, and you answering these questions better than Barack!”

It must’ve been like music to Shyne’s ears to be placed above the first American black president who he once called ‘corny’ in an MTV interview, for failing to do more to get him back in the US after his deportation.

Just incase Shyne thought Puffy was gassing him up, the business mogul offered to show him the interview to back up his claim.

He added: “I mean I can show you the interview!,” as the pair both laughed.

It’s one of the first times the pair have appeared on camera together since the unfortunate shooting happened two decades ago.

During the trial Puffy distanced himself from Shyne, although the Brooklyn rapper claimed to have buss his gun in the Ciroc owner, and then girlfriend Jennifer Lopez’s defence.

Once Shyne had been found guilty of two counts of assault, reckless endangerment and gun possession things soured between him and Puff, who he said had left him the lurch during his time behind bars.

While doing his bird, Shyne done several interviews dissing his former boss who he was adamant had thrown his under the bus to walk away clean from the case.

They briefly linked back up in 2012 and were seen together at the Kenzo show at Paris‘ Fashion Week.

But their alliance was short-lived and Shyne was back at Puffy’s neck just a few months later.

After all the drama between them, they seem to be in a good place and Puffy promised to support his one-time protégé in his efforts to become the leader of Belize.