Rapper C Montana splashed £7,000 on Louis Vuitton jacket that he only wore ONCE

RAPPER C MONTANA HAS REVEALED THAT HE once dropped roughly £7,000 on a Louis Vuitton coat just to rock while shooting a music video.

The South London rapper claims he never wore the jacket again after the video he shot was for Big Rich was finished, despite splashing the hefty amount on it.

And no outfit is complete without a pair of fly shoes and jeans to match, which rounded off Montana’s spending for the day up to ten grand.

He told Sourced UK: “I believe the jacket alone was around 6/7 grand, 6.8 [grand] maybe 7.

“It was a lot of money, but at the time it didn’t seem that big [of a deal].

“It’s a loud outfit, I think all together it cost around ten grand for that outfit.”

Montana’s spending didn’t stop there and in the video, he’s got a plane, a Ferrari, along with animals such as husky and alligator.

But despite his spending spree, Montana explained that his favourite clothing brand is Nike and that he only gets the designer stuff to fit in with the look of today’s other rap stars.

Mo Stack accidentally threw his Rolex watch in the BIN

MO STACK THINKS THAT HE may of put his Rolex in the bin by accident.

Owning a Rolex is the ultimate flex for a rapper and they depart with thousands of pounds to be a part of the elite club.

But Mo’s ‘Roley Gang’ membership has come to an end for now as he can’t find his one, and putting it in the bin seems like the most logical explanation to him.

The Hornsey born spitter told A Jewellers: “I had the Roley, I had the Datejust, I lost it.

“I don’t know where it’s gone, I think I put it in the bin by accident.”

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However Mo isn’t dwelling on the expensive loss and was at the jewellers to replace it with a fully diamond encrusted Audemars Piguet.

The ‘buss down’ AP’s are another favourite amongst rappers who often rap about owning one on their tracks.

They’re a few steps up from Mo’s old Datejust and cost a considerable amount more to own.

And Mo knows diamonds are a girls best friend and plans to use to AP to pull in the finest ladies out there.

After completing the purchase, he added: “This is for the gold diggers, to all the gold diggers, I’m coming for you.”

Davido and Nas’ collab happened after pair bumped into each other in random toilet trip

DAVIDO AND NAS’ BIRTHDAY CAKE COLLABORATION came about when the pair met for the first time in the toilet of a studio in Los Angeles.

The Nigerian explained that he was already putting the song together with producer Hit Boy when he needed to go to the bathroom.

And while he was washing his hands, Davido looked up and to his surprise, noticed that Nas was also in the toilet about to walk out.

Davido said while on Kick Game: “Hit Boi invited me to a studio in LA and we was just recording.

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“So I go to the bathroom and when I’m washing my hands I look back and see Nas walking out.”

The pair then went on to have a brief introduction exchanging compliments, took a picture together and that was that.

But when he got back to the studio, Davido had the idea to put Nas on the track he was recording alongside Hit Boy and asked him if he thinks Nas would be interested in jumping on it.

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Hit Boy told him there’s only one way to find out which was to ask the Queensbridge born rapper and at first, Davido was sceptical because they had just met.

However Nas ended up coming into their studio session, and when Davido asked him if he would get on Birthday Cake, he had no problem with doing it.

Davido added: “He came to the studio and said yeah, and did it right there and then.”

Adele feared ‘alcohol addiction death’ like idol Amy Winehouse

ADELE AND AMY WINEHOUSE ARE TWO of the biggest musical exports the UK has produced in recent times.

Both singers have had colossal success with their music, selling millions of albums worldwide, and also managed to crack the elusive American market with their unique sounds.

But their musical success and abilities aren’t the only similarities that the pair have, something else they had in common is their love of alcohol.

Sadly, Amy’s drink addiction turned out to be fatal and after captivating the world with her voice, she tragically passed away from a alcohol poisoning in 2011.

And Adele feared she was heading down the same path as her musical idol Amy as her drinking habits spiralled out of control as her fame and notoriety soared.

Adele also explained that her as a child her dad struggled with alcohol addiction, which affected their relationship, so she wanted to know what was dope about it when she got older.

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The Tottenham born singer told Vogue: “I’ve always had a close relationship with alcohol, I was always very fascinated by alcohol.

“It’s what kept my dad from me, so I wanted to know what was so great about it.”

But as she soon realised, being drunk in public when you’re famous is gold for the media who will do almost anything to get a story, irrespective of how it affects the person.

Adele added: “They descend, and descend on you, which drives you fxcking mad.”

And Adele thinks the press’ hounding of Amy while she was in a similar state also had a negative affect on the Back To Black singer before her death.

Adele recalls witnessing Amy, who died as she was on the rise, tragic decline in the media and that didn’t sit well with her.

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She continued: “I got really famous right as Amy Winehouse died, and we watched her die right in front of our eyes. It really offended me.”

Amy’s death had a major impact on Adele because she was the reason the 33-year-old started playing the guitar.

And Adele felt a deep bond with Amy because she connected with her inner troubles, they’re both British, plus she had a great sense of humour.

She said: “I picked up the guitar because of Amy’s first album, she means the most to me out of all the artists.

“Because she was British, because she was amazing, because she was tortured, because she was so funny.”

So to avoid suffering the same fate as her idol, Adele decided she has to take the power back from the media and not let them dictate how she was perceived by the public.

Which is why the singer went off the radar and weren’t seen for some time, to avoid being a target for the press.

And she thinks it worked because now people see her as a recluse, which is just how she likes it.

She went on the explain her theory and said: “I’m not having these people I don’t know take my legacy, my story away from me, and decide what I can leave behind or what I take with me.

“I was very reclusive, it paid off I think, people are used to me being a recluse.”

Drake ‘aired’ Potter Payper’s Insta DM’s when he asked to use beat, UK rapper claims

POTTER PAYPER CLAIMS THAT DRAKE ignored his request to let him use the Lemon Pepper freestyle instrumental on Instagram.

After the track which featured Rick Ross was released earlier this year, it went on to become one of the biggest songs out at the time.

This led to a bunch of rappers including Potter, jumping on the beat to release their own versions of Lemon Pepper.

And the East Londoner’s rendition was one of the more successful ones, racking up over 5 million views on YouTube.

Seeing as it was doing so well, Potter thought it would be a good idea to try and make some money off it.

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But as the 30-year-old doesn’t have any rights to the beat, to be able to monetise it, he would’ve had to of gotten clearance from either Drizzy and his team.

Which Potter thought wouldn’t be an issue, as they follow each other on Instagram.

So he proceeded to hit up the Canadian in the DM’s to ask if it’s possible for him to put out his own version, but to his surprise, Drake left him on read.

A frustrated PP broke down what happened on the Alhan & Poet Show, he said: “I wanted to do my Lemon Pepper freestyle, it’s got like 5/6 million views on the audio you get me.

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“But I couldn’t sell it, couldn’t make no money off of it because this multi-million/gazillionaire, wouldn’t answer his DM, and let me use the beat.”

However, Potter’s got a theory as to why Drake didn’t get back to him to clear the beat, he thinks it’s simply because he went harder than him on his own song.

The Barking native added Drake was probably thinking, “This guy’s trying to ask me to clear a track that he went harder than me on the beat.”

A war between China and Taiwan would cause chaos in the western world

IF CHINA AND TAIWAN GO TO WAR it will affect our lives in the West in a major way.

It may seem like the escalating battle brewing in the Far East has nothing to do with us, but if they go at it, life as we know it could come crashing to a halt.

As a result of any bloodshed, some of the most important possessions we own, cars, laptops and mobile phones, could stop being produced until the problems between China and Taiwan are resolved.

And this is because Tawain is home to the world’s largest semiconductor chip company, TMSC, who produce a staggering 84% of advanced chips across the globe, according to The Economist.

Semiconductor chips are electrical chips that are responsible for powering our phones, cars, computers and most electrical stuff that we own.

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Even Twitter and TikTok can’t run without semiconductor chips, so even checking social media apps could possibly be a myth.

Although there are other companies around the world that could try and supply the demand for the chips, it won’t be the same quality that is provided by TMSC, whose chips are at least a decade more advanced than any of their closest rivals including American firm Intel.

This is why Apple rely on TMSC solely o help them produce the iPhone which is arguably the most popular phone owned in the Western world.

And to top it off, the semiconductor chip industry is already in a drought that could continue into 2022, CNBC reported, so Taiwanese company TMSC shutting down due to war is the last thing the world needs.

However, China doesn’t seem to be care about none of that and tensions between the countries have been rising in the last few weeks.

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China see Taiwan as a part of their country but Taiwan views itself as independent, which is the cause of their beef.

And recently the Chinese have been pressing Taiwan to accept that they’re a part of them, but the Taiwanese are standing strong.

The Taiwaneses’ rebellious stance has infuriated China’s president,  Xi Jinping who said: “No one should underestimate the Chinese people’s strong determination, will and capability to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

But Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen hit back and said her country is ready to do whatever they need to do to defend its independence.

With no side willing to back down, we might have to get prepared o spend time without our favourite electronic goods unless the British and American governments can diffuse the argument and get the two sides to reach a middle ground.

Jay-z jokingly tells Julie Adenuga that he ‘rides Porsche’s not Horses’ at Harder They Fall film premiere

JAY-Z’S GOT 99 SKILLS BUT RIDING A HORSE AIN’T ONE he told presenter Julie Adenuga at the Harder They Fall film premiere.

But what Hov lacks in horse riding he makes up for in Porsche driving, he explained to Julie on the red carpet of the Black western film he co-produced, alongside London based director Jeymes Samuel.

Jay made the comparison between the animal and sports car when Adenuga told him he should be able to do the same stunts his actors can do, which in this case is riding a horse as the film starring Idris Elba is based around a group of black cowboys.

But Hov, never lost for words, quickly responded: “I can ride a Porsche.”

And to round off his reply, Hov also highlighted that Porsches have horsepower, along with the horse emblem as its logo, so that should make up for it.

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The Roc Nation boss added: “It’s got horsepower.”

And Hov ain’t lying either, he actually has got a Porsche in his stunning fleet of whips.

Highsnobiety report the business mogul owns a Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet, which he rates so much that he also copped his artist Rhianna one in 2012.

Also on his whip list is a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, a Ferrari F430 Spider, plus many more mean motors, HS revealed.

Loski speaks on regretting prison time as it slowed down his career

A RAPPER GOING TO JAIL isn’t anything new so there weren’t many people surprised when drill artist Loski ended up doing some time.

Alot of the time going inside has a positive impact on a rapper’s career and they often see a spike in streams and sales as fans eagerly anticipate their return.

But this wasn’t the case for Harlem Spartan member Loski, who feels going to jail for allegedly rolling with a loaded pistol in 2019 affected his career in a negative way.

Before he went away, Loski was arguably one of the hottest artists to emerge from the rising drill scene with bangers such as Forrest Gump which peaked on the UK Charts at No.88 ringing off in the streets.

He even made a connection with global megastar Drake who credited Loski for influencing his style on his Scorpion album.

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But since his release from the slammer in 2020, the 21-year-old doesn’t feel he’s where he should be in his career and he blames that on the bird that he did.

Although he’s still popping in the streets, recently releasing a string of hits, and working with grime icon Stormzy since stepping back on the curb, if he didn’t go jail Loski believes his career would’ve reached unimaginable heights by now.

A frustrated Loski broke this down on the +44 podcast on Amazon where he said: “Since I went away in 2019, everything that I do with my career, it’s like (kisses his teeth).

“Even if do good, it’s like, ‘but brudda imagine if I didn’t go jail,’ it would’ve been even madder so I’m always going to be mad with myself.”

And when show host Zeze Millz suggested that going to prison enhances his image, Loski was quick to shut her down and responded: “Listen, none of that’s worth it.”

But he did agree with her that some rappers do like going to prison as they believe it does give their careers a boost, claiming that some of them probably include it in the rollout for their albums.

Meek Mill claims Kevin Hart visited him inside his PRISON CELL

MEEK MILL HAD THE LUXURY OF HAVING A CELL VISIT FROM KEVIN HART while he was locked up for a probation violation in 2018.

Prisoners usually get to see their friends and families in a visiting hall along with all the other convicts in the facility, which is supervised by guards for a limited amount of time.

But money and power allowed Hart and basketball team the Philadelphia 76’ers part owner Mike Rubin to bend the rules and check a surprised Meek in his cell while he was kicking his feet up.

Not only did comedian Hart, and Rubin see the rapper’ in his temporary home, they came to the prison block, where the inmates doing life reside to liaise with Meek.

The 34-year-old exclusively told the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast how it all went down: “I turn around, Mike Rubin at my doorway, Rubin and Kevin Hart.

“You know, block out, all these nxggas I’m with on the block got life, probably 90% of this block got life.”

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Meek explained that the other inmates were just as shocked as he was to see the millionaire pair walking on the landing and before you knew it a crowd had congregated to see them in the flesh.

It was such a surreal experience for the Dream Chaser’s boss that he thought nobody would believe him when he told them what had transpired in the prison.

But although he was happy for the unexpected visit, Meek wishes he had time to clean up because his cell was a mess when they came in.

He had white boxers hanging on the door and felt embarrassed when his baller friends came in.

And Hart, never missing the opportunity for a good joke told Meek his living conditions weren’t that bad to which Meek jokingly responded that he better stop playing.

Meek went on to say: “Kev came in like ‘man this joint ain’t too bad like I thought it was,’ and I said, ‘man if you don’t stop playing with me pxssy, can’t you see my draws hanging up there!'”

Potter Payper reveals that Denzel Washington’s Training Day film inspired his mixtape series

POTTER PAYPER HAS BLESSED FANS WITH HIS CLASSIC Training Day mixtape trilogy over the past few years.

The East Londoner released the first Training Day instalment in 2013, its follow up in 2017, and then rounded off the series last year after his unfortunate, lengthy incarceration behind bars.

Although the first two tapes certified Potter as one of the hardest in the streets, it was the third Training Day that helped him gain mainstream appeal and enticed Def Jam to sign the rapper.

But if it wasn’t for Hollywood legend Denzel Washington, there wouldn’t even of been a Training Day mixtape for fans to enjoy.

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That’s because Potter revealed to DJ Target on his Tonight With Target show that Denzel’s role as Alonzo in the thriller of the same name released in 2002, inspired him to name his mixtape after the film.

The 30-year-old explained to Target: “I based my whole mixtape trilogy series and saga around it, around the film [Training Day].”

His love of the film runs so deep that the Barking native claims that he can recite the whole script word for word.

And his favourite scene from Training Day is when towards the end, Denzel’s shady cop character Alonzo is stopped from leaving with a bag of money by former partner turned adversary Jake, played by Ethan Hawke, who he calls a disloyal so and so.

But Potter couldn’t finish off Alonzo’s sentence as he was on live TV and it contained to many expletives.