Young Thug claims no US president EVER apart from Barack Obama is bigger than him, Tyler Perry, Bill Gates and Elon Musk

YOUNG THUG’S ALREADY A GLOBAL MEGASTAR, but the rapper’s got plans to transcend music to become one of the most iconic people on the planet.

Thug’s already surpassed the US president in terms of popularity in his eyes, and only accomplished individuals like Bill Gates and Tyler Perry stand in his way of achieving his dream.

He declared to Complex: “I want to be bigger than Tyler Perry and Bill Gates.”

While it might seem erroneous to some, Thug’s got his reasons as to why he thinks he’s more impactful on the planet than the president.

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The 30-year-old known for his eccentric style, doesn’t think Biden or any other US leader could sell out arenas like he does, or sell millions of albums like him.

The YSL boss even went as far as to suggest that only former black president Barack Obama could posssibly do the above, and that’s only because rappers like him made it that way.

Thug explained: “I am bigger than the president. You’ve got n****s like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, motherfucking Tyler Perry, motherfucking me, who are bigger than the president.

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“Can’t no president sell out no arena. Can’t no president do nothing we are doing. Can’t no president sell no million albums. The only president who could do that is a Black one, and we made it that way for him, and he know it.”

Although Perry, who owns 220 acres of land that Tyler Perry Studios sit on, and Gates, who gifted the world with Microsoft, stand in Thug’s way, he plans to emulate the pair with his grandiose vision of Slime City.

Thug hopes to turn the 100 acres of land he received as a birthday gift from his A&R Geoff Ogunlesi into Slime City that will consist of houses, entertainment facilities and a private school for black children.

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And Slime City’s successful completion will be the thing that catapults him to the No.1 spot in the world, and he’ll be so huge that even the police and government work for him, similar to Frank Lucas in American Gangster but minus the illegitimate activities and snitching.

Thug added: ” I want to be bigger than any of these n****s, to the point where the police work for me.

“I want to be like an American gangster, but that worked with the government—that didn’t tell—and this is the only way you can possibly do that.

“I want to just be so big to the point where it’s like, the fucking cops have got to listen to me.”

Lil Baby joined George Floyd’s family at White House to support his seven-year-old daughter Gianna

GEORGE FLOYD’S seven-year-old daughter Gianna’s the main reason why Lil Baby joined the family on their visit to the White House in May.

After George was tragically slain, Baby built a bond with the youngster and decided to go along with her and the Floyd’s to mark the one year anniversary of his death for support.

Speaking on how he ended up at the President’s residence on MSNBC, Baby said: “I went to the White House with her [Gianna].”

And even after the trip to see President Joe Biden, and his deputy Kamala Harris, Baby’s still in touch with the youngster.

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He added: “I’m still in contact with her, she had a birthday party in Atlanta, I face-time them often.”

But even before George died, Baby was close with a few of his family members.

The 4PF CEO’s tight with ex-basketball player Stephen Jackson who lead the protests after George’s passing, and is also his niece’s god-father.

Baby explained: “George Floyd’s niece is like my man Stacks [Jackson’s] god-daughter.

“From the time of the whole situation I was in tune with them.”